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Ancient Energy Activation
Journey to Wholeness Healing Series "Clearing"

Join The Billionaires Triad for this powerful and transformational Ancient Energy Healing Activation to begin your Journey to Wholeness.

Are you looking to find the root cause of blockages on your journey to wholeness?

Would you like to tap into your constellations and receive a timeline reset?

Do you want to gain clarity on your purpose and mission in life?

Would you love to experience more self-love, and tap into your higher self using ancient wisdom for healing?

If so, please join The Billionaires Triad for this Powerful and Transformational Ancient Energy Healing Activation.


  • Clear any physical and spiritual blockages that may be preventing you from reaching your highest potential;

  • Release Karmic soul ties and Ancestral suffering;

  • Activate and Unlock your Ancient Spiritual gifts and dormant DNA to fast-track your journey to wholeness;

  • Alchemize any energetic chords and unhealthy attachments that no longer serve you for the highest and greatest good;

  • Access higher states of consciousness through your higher self to accelerate manifestation and abundance.

  • Align to higher vibrational emotions of Unconditional Love, Joy & Fulfillment through Purpose;

  • Tap into a new light frequency to elevate your ascension.



This is a virtual two hour group session and will include, but is not limited to:

  • Ancient Kemetic Libation: led by Empress Ashley K. Gardener to evoke our enlightened ancestors in order to assist with the healing process and protect us on this journey.

  • Divine Guided Meditation: led by Dr. Brandie Dingman will begin the ascension and healing process by creating pathways to higher ancient energetic frequencies as a collective.

  • Constellation and Timeline Portal: led by Goddess Fatou Pruitt will begin by creating a vortex, opening a portal to ground the healing and activation across all time, space, realities and dimensions.

  • Sacred Geometry and Unconditional Love: The energy healing and activations incorporate the Language of God/ Prime Creator for maximum potency; utilizing Certified GeoLove techniques along with other healing modalities to release, refresh and restore you energetically, mentally, emotionally and physically.

  • Divine Channeling Session:

    • The Billionaires Oracle and Seers Channel, Dr. Brandie Dingman,

    • The Ancestral Activator & Channel, Empress Ashley K. Gardener and

    • The Seers Activator, Goddess Fatou Pruitt will Channel with Divine Beings including:

      • Prime Creator, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Seers, Pleadians and other higher love and light vibrational beings.

      • They will share any messages for the group or individuals as received. Only messages of love and light are allowed and available. Seven individuals will be divinely chosen to receive personalized messages during the group channeling.

  • In case you want us to focus on a specific intention during the session, please email us in advance at


  •  VIP Pre-Event Energy Clearing to set the stage for the beginning of your healing journey with us.

  • Exclusive Q&A with The Healers of The Billionaire’s Triad to gain more clarity around your personal journey to wholeness.

  • Be granted Access to the recording of the healing and activations for life.

  • Private Post-Event follow-up healing and activation (pre-recorded & timestamped) will be provided nine days after the event for maximum mind, body and spirit alignment in your new energetic vibration.

Session Recomendations

  • Gain access to the exclusive private Facebook group as soon as you’ve registered for the event. If you feel called, introduce yourself and share your intentions in the Facebook group: use hashtag #ActivateAncientEnergies.

  • Honor yourself with scheduling at least two hours of uninterrupted personal time.

  • Remember you are divinely guided and protected during and after the healing and activations.

  • Drink plenty of water before and after the session.

  • Remove any jewelry, if possible.

  • Sit or lay down in a comfortable position during the healing and activation.

  • Bring forth your personal intention for this healing. Be open to receive divine healing in the highest good of all.

  • Give the Master Healers of the Billionaires Triad permission to tap into your chakras, meridians and source energy.

  • Be open to receiving the energy knowing it will work for the highest and greatest good of all.

  • Eat healthy light foods to support your new energetic resonance.

  • Practice plenty of self care after the healing and activations.

Get Access to this event:

Your Journey to Wholeness Awaits ...

Ancient Energy Activation
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