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Our Missions

Join us as we individually and collectively Heal and Activate 1 Billion Throughout Gaia.

Together, let's restore and raise the collective vibration of human consciousness by aiding to,

 close ancient karmic ties, release ancestral suffering and alchemize timelines throughout the land - reaching down to our cellular and DNA levels.

We help Individuals as well as the collective gain clarity and motivation to fully embrace their journey to wholeness.

Collectively, as the Billionaires Triad we have 3 primary missions.

Frist, together as The Billionaire’s Triad, we are leading the way to activate, heal and unite over 7 million light workers around the world, while simultaneously collaborating, healing, activating, channeling and coaching with 1133 of the world’s 2668 Billionaires, pursuing a collective global healing journey, activation and transformation documentary titled, “Billionaires Journey to Wholeness: Global Light Worker Unification”.

Second, A documentary with a major network titled: “Gaia Spirit Activation and Ascension”. The Billionaire's Triad will use video, pictures and live streams to document our travels around the world, visiting renowned ancient sites and tribes to heal ancient global and cultural divides, conflicts and karmic ties infused in the land. Using a multifaceted energetic healing approach, we will shift these energies of suffering surrounding our past and present, to infuse and lay a foundation of unconditional love for our future generations on Gaia. As part of this process, the Billionaire’s Triad plans to host and guide healers, light workers and Billionaire thought leaders on their advanced spiritual journeys; including epic adventures to further their spiritual gifts, teaching them how to Channel and so much more. Ultimately, it is our goal to bring more light into the world (ie. creation of the 5th dimension on earth) by experiencing and exchanging unconditional love with the most potent energetic sites and vortices in the world. All will relish in sharing divine wisdom, pursue personal healing and knowledge along with the Billionaires Oracle, Divine Channel & Teacher, Activators, Spiritual Coaches, & Alchemists. 

Third, our aspiration is to become New York Times best-selling authors, as we collectively - with the guidance of our Enlightened Ancestors, Galactic Council and Ascended Masters - download divine knowledge to complete the next version of “The Course in Miracles”.  Our book will highlight the heart centered and love-based understanding of the Prime Creator - God - and the Ascension to the 5th Dimension for Earth, addressing our current challenges such as global warming, artificial intelligence and the Metaverse; while detailing lessons and opportunities to help humanity reach a higher collective consciousness steeped in unconditional love. Our next book will be titled “The Billionaire Triad's Healing Journey to Wholeness'', highlighting our personal stories and mission to help others resonate and see how they themselves can infuse more love and light into the world, one person and geographic place at a time. The book will also highlight how we found each other and our authentic selves through meeting Oliver Nino, The Spiritual Activator; detailing how our Spiritual Activations and healings, as well as, manifestation expert Mandy Morris’s life coaching, channeling and healing accelerated us on our Journey to Wholeness. Our third book will be titled “The Billionaires Oracle and Divine Channel: Messages From Above and Beyond”. This book shares the many messages we receive from the divine, as well as, other beings such as the Pleiadians, Lemurians, Sumerians, The Blue Avians, and Arcturians to name a few. Collectively we have tapped into 50 of the current higher vibrational beings (alien races) thus far and shared these messages with other GeoLove healers, students and people from around the world with great reception. 
When available, these books can be used by anyone on their personal growth, self-development or spiritual journey to support them in understanding their purpose in life. They will aid in your expansion, ascension on your healing journey as you remember what your soul mission is, to uplift humanity with your unique gifts. Most people say to themselves everyday that there has to be more to life than this. These books are here to show you that there is, to bring forth and cultivate the beautiful, important role that you play in spreading more love and light to each other and for our mother earth.  
We look forward to having you join us and pursue our journey to wholeness together, as one. Join our community today.

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