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Our Missions

Join us in our mission to heal and awaken one billion souls across Gaia.


As The Billionaires Triad, with Brandie and Ashley as the Two Pillars and our vibrant community as the Balancing Key Pillar, we're dedicated to uplifting the collective consciousness. Together, we aim to dissolve ancient karmic bonds, alleviate ancestral burdens, and transmute timelines, reaching into the very essence of our being—from our everyday lives down to our cellular and DNA levels.


It's our collective effort that will usher individuals and the wider community into a state of complete fulfillment and clarity, empowering us all to embrace our journey to wholeness.

Our Threefold Mission Unfolds:

First, The Billionaires Triad is on a pioneering quest to unite over 7 million lightworkers globally. We're crafting an unparalleled journey of healing, activation, and unity documented in our upcoming film, "Billionaires Journey to Wholeness: Global Light Worker Unification." This project is more than a documentary; it's a global call to action for lightworkers to join forces in healing and transformation.

Second, we're collaborating on a groundbreaking documentary, "Gaia Spirit Activation and Ascension," set to air on a major network. This visual odyssey will capture our travels to the world's most powerful ancient sites and tribes, healing divides and transforming energies from past and present into a foundation of unconditional love for future generations. Through energetic healing, we aim to infuse Earth with the light of creation, paving the way for a new dimension of existence. Alongside, we'll mentor and guide fellow healers and visionaries on their spiritual advancement, sharing divine wisdom and personal growth.

Third, we're embarking on a literary journey to become New York Times best-selling authors. Our forthcoming books, guided by enlightened ancestors and cosmic councils, will offer divine insights into ascending to the 5th Dimension amid today's global challenges. "The Billionaire Triad's Healing Journey to Wholeness" will illuminate our personal narratives, our spiritual awakening under Oliver Nino's mentorship, and the accelerated growth facilitated by manifestation expert Mandy Morris.

"The Billionaires Oracle and Divine Channel: Messages From Above and Beyond" will reveal communications from higher vibrational beings, sharing our connection with entities like the Pleiadians and Arcturians, and the impact of these messages on healers and seekers worldwide.


These books aren't just readings; they're gateways to understanding your life's purpose, supporting your journey towards self-discovery, ascension, and the fulfillment of your soul mission to spread love and light.


Join Our Community:

Be part of this transformative voyage. By uniting as one, we embark on a shared journey to wholeness, leveraging our unique gifts to illuminate the world. Connect with The Billionaires Triad today, and let's stride together towards a brighter, more loving tomorrow.

Welcome to our community. Welcome to a new era of healing and enlightenment.

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