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Our Healers

Dr. Brandie Dingman, Ashley K. Gardener, and Fatou Pruitt are three astounding women that make up The Billionaires Triad, a group that heals, activates, transforms, and ascends humanity around the world and throughout Gaia. 

The trio heals people’s minds, bodies, and souls by activating ancient energies for clearing, purification, and blockage removal. Their divine purpose is to release ancient karmic ties and ancestral suffering to restore and raise the collective vibration to help individuals gain clarity and motivation to take action towards their goals. 

The aspiring NY Times best-selling authors have channeled for 5000 people globally, collectively activated 2000 individuals' spiritual gifts, healed the land of the ancestors at the Canyon of the Ancients in Colorado, and have helped over 1 million souls transition in America, Canada, and Bermuda. 

Collectively, as the Billionaires Triad:

We are the first brand to house the divine dream team destined to heal, activate, transform and ascend humanity. Our unique gifts transcend those who choose to be the best versions of themselves. Further, we are to become the first group of GeoLove Master Healers to travel the world, visiting ancient sites to energetically release and resolve ancient conflicts within the land, raising the vibration of all that is connected to it though time, space and reality.

We have all been trained and became Certified GeoLove Master Healers by Oliver Nino, The Spiritual Activator - a global authority in the field of energy work. The power of three allows us to amplify and project healings for a greater effect; our unique chemistry and gifts work in harmony to expand and go deeper.


Dr. Brandie Dingman

The Billionaires Oracle, DNA Activator & New York’s First Master GeoLove Healer.

Dr. Brandie Dingman, Ph.D. is the Billionaire’s Divine Channel, Oracle & DNA Activator/Healer, She is New York’s first  Master Sacred Geometry Energy Healer, IPEC certified professional Intuitive, Life & Business Coach at and an adjunct Sociology Professor at the College of Saint Rose. She is a healer of healers, coach of coaches and teacher of teachers. Brandie’s primary gift is a Divine Channel with a master gift as a DNA & Ancestral Healer who can also activate other’s spiritual gifts. Brandie, along with the Billionaires Triad healers are on a mission to unite 7 million light workers while healing and activating 1 Billion souls across the globe. Moreover, she helps creative people elevate their energy while tapping into their unlimited potential simultaneously activating all 12 strands of human DNA that have long been dormant.  Simultaneously, she heals humanities ancestral, karmic and trauma at the cellular level. Brandie’s purpose in life is to help individuals love themselves and others more abundantly through self-reflection, self-awareness and self-improvement as she supports them in understanding their highest-self and their role in changing the world one person at a time for the highest and greatest good of all.

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Empress Ashley K. Gardener

The Ancestral Activator &
Bermuda’s first Master GeoLove Healer

Ancestral Activator, Geo Love Master Healer, Spiritual Intuitive, Counselor and Mentor, Doula, Natural and Home Birth Advocate, Attachment/Conscious Parenting and Unschooling Advocate, Blue Dragon Immortal Qigong Student. 

Seeker of the Continuous Inspiration and Realization of Divine Truth Within.


As a naturally gifted World Healer, Akashic Records Reader and Spiritual Activator, whose Soul Origins spawn amidst Multiple Ancient Civilizations throughout the millennia of time, dimensions and space: Ashley Specializes in Addressing Trapped Ancestral & Karmic; DNA & Generational; Societal & Cultural Low Vibrational Energies surrounding our Individual Births, Bodies & Beyond - which Heavily Influence our Thoughts, Beliefs & Actions in our Daily Lives. She utilizes Advanced Geo Love Certified Sacred Geometry Techniques in unison with intuitive guidance and Unconditional Divine Love to Elevate our Frequencies: Embodying Peace, Joy, Love, Compassion and Gratitude down to the Cellular DNA Level and beyond - permeating across All Time, Dimensions, Spaces and Realities. 

Ashley’s Soul Purpose is to assist with the Activation and/or Deepening the Connection to our Enlightened Ancestors and the Divine Self Love Within - for The Highest Good of All. She, along with her fellow Master Healers within The Billionaires Triad, are on a mission to help 1 billion souls around the world Feel Assured, Grounded and Supported in Healing Ourselves, the Ability to Heal Others and Fulfilling our Contribution in Healing The World.


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Goddess Fatou Pruitt

The First GeoLove Master Healer,

Zambian / Senegalese Seer Activator & Ascension Alchemist

My name is Fatou and I am the ascended alchemist, seer activator, quantum shifter and time bender.  The First GeoLove Master Healer  and Dreamporting Alchemy, Constellation, and Time Shifting Practitioner. My mission is to help a Billion people on the Planet to activate and connect with their True Divine Essence.

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