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Join the Journey
of Transformation with
The Billionaires Triad.

Discover how Brandie, Ashley, and You
—the essential Balancing Key Pillars—
can unite to empower, ascend, and transform.

In an ever-evolving world, where ancient wisdom whispers through our modern lives, The Billionaires Triad strives to stand as a beacon of light, guiding individuals toward enlightenment and transformation.

Founded by Brandie and Ashley, visionary healers awakened to deep spiritual truths, The Billionaires Triad transcends being merely an organization—it's a sacred confluence of past and present, nurturing growth, healing, and unity.

Brandie and Ashley, the pillars of this community, work to embody the wisdom and guidance foundational to our collective journey. Echoing the ancient pillars of Ma'at, which symbolized harmony, truth, and cosmic balance, they offer light and knowledge, propelling us toward our fullest potential.

Your role, as the dreamer, the seeker, is pivotal—you are the "Balancing Key Pillar." This role is not just symbolic; it's a call to action, inviting you to contribute your unique energies and intentions, weaving them into the collective fabric of the ascension of Humanity.

By joining as a Balancing Key Pillar, you embark on a profound journey of both personal growth and communal upliftment. It's an opportunity to align your vibrations with the universe's highest frequencies of love and harmony, amplifying both your individual ascension and our collective elevation.

The Billionaires Triad's journey is a vibrant testament to the strength found in unity and shared purpose. It's a dynamic, living community, rooted in the ancient healing arts, celestial wisdom, and the transformative power of unconditional love. As we expand and deepen our connections, we invite you: step into your role as a Balancing Key Pillar.


Together, let's ascend toward a brighter, more enlightened future. This isn't just a journey—it's a return to where your soul truly belongs.

Welcome home, to The Billionaires Triad.

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We are on A Mission to Heal and Activate 1 Billion Souls. To illuminate and uplift humanity by weaving ancient wisdom and modern enlightenment into a tapestry of transformative healing, empowering individuals to ascend together in harmony and light.


From healing ancestral lands at the Canyon of the Ancients to guiding over a million souls, our journey is a testament to the power of collective healing and transformation.


Join The Billionaires Triad community of Lightworkers and Healers Across the Globe and become part of a movement that transcends the boundaries of time and space. Here, you're not just embracing personal transformation; you're contributing to a global shift towards higher consciousness.

The Pillars of Transformation

The Billionaires Oracle, DNA Activator
& New York’s First Geo Love Master Healer.


You, our cherished community, are the vital Balancing Pillar of The Billionaires Triad. Together, we create a harmonious triad, elevating each other towards higher vibrations. Your unique energy and intentions enrich our collective mission. Discover how you can contribute and transform within this supportive circle of light and love.

Silhouette with Mountains

The Ancestral Activator & Bermuda’s First Geo Love Master Healer.


Featured Offerings

Transform the Energy of Your Living Space, Land, or Business into a Sanctuary of Unconditional Love and Balance.
Join The Billionaires Triad Community
A World of Spiritual Empowerment Awaits

Discover a New Path to Enlightenment with Our Exclusive App

Embark on an enriching journey with The Billionaires Triad community app, your portal to a world of spiritual discovery, healing, and growth.


Sign up today and unlock a trove of transformative resources:


Empath’s Survival Guide & Grounding Activation Meditation Bundle

Perfect for those who feel deeply and absorb energies. This bundle offers a comprehensive guide to thriving as an empath, coupled with a grounding activation guided meditation for daily balance and protection.


Introduction to Blue Dragon
Medical Qigong

LM Qigong course [Feb 18[25], 24].png

Dive into the ancient art of Blue Dragon Medical Qigong. This introduction is tailored for those seeking physical healing, emotional balance, and spiritual growth through graceful movement.


Unlock Your Cosmic Potential: Diamond Codes Free Quiz

diamond codes free quiz album cover.png

Embark on a journey of self-discovery with our Diamond Codes quiz. Uncover which cosmic patterns align with your soul, guiding you towards your spiritual destiny.


Charge of the Day: Daily Inspirational Insights

DIAMOND CODES - charge of the day.png

Start your day with purpose and clarity. Receive daily inspirational insights and practices to keep your energy charged and focused.

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Why Join The Billionaires Triad Community?

Embark on an extraordinary journey where your individual growth catalyzes collective ascension.

By joining The Billionaires Triad community, you step into a realm where the ancient wisdom of the universe intertwines with the pulsating energy of modern enlightenment, creating a sanctuary for transformation unlike any other.

As part of our community, you're not just another member; you're a vital thread in a vibrant tapestry, woven from the dreams and aspirations of souls dedicated to growth, healing, and unity. Imagine being surrounded by a supportive network, where each person's breakthrough becomes a beacon of hope and inspiration for others.

Here, your journey of self-discovery is amplified by the collective wisdom and experiences of fellow seekers, creating a symphony of transformation that resonates through every aspect of your life.

The Benefits of Joining
The Triad Ascension Community

extend far beyond personal growth. You'll have exclusive access to:

Expert Guidance:

Learn from Brandie, Ashley, and a host of enlightened teachers who blend ancient practices with cutting-edge spiritual insights.

Healing Sessions:

Participate in group and individual sessions designed to clear blockages, heal traumas, and elevate your energy.

Workshops and Retreats:

Dive deep into the mysteries of sacred geometry, energy healing, and more, unlocking your potential in ways you never imagined.

A Supportive Network:

Connect with like-minded individuals who share your journey's joys, challenges, and triumphs, forming lifelong bonds.

Opportunities to Contribute:

Play an active role in uplifting humanity by participating in collective healing initiatives and community outreach.

Download our app and sign up to access these exclusive resources and begin your transformative journey.

By stepping into your role as a Balancing Key Pillar within The Billionaires Triad, you're not just joining a community; you're aligning with a powerful movement towards global enlightenment.


Your unique energy and intentions are the missing pieces in a puzzle that, once complete, will unveil a new dawn of consciousness and love.

This is your call to step beyond the ordinary, to transform your life and, by extension, the world around you. Join us, and let's ascend together into a future bright with the promise of infinite possibilities.


Welcome to The Billionaires Triad – where your spiritual journey reaches new heights, and together, we create a legacy of light and love for generations to come.


I have been going to therapy and counseling for over a year and I have received more healing and clarity in one healing session with The Billionaire's Triad than I did in the entire time in therapy. Also I had an underactive thyroid which is healed now (the doctor said it is a medical miracle) they told me I will take medicine for the rest of my life and now they told me to stop. And guess which one of my chakras was blocked - my throat chakra.

S.K., UK

Connect, Grow, and Ascend.
Embracing Your Journey to Wholeness

Join a community that nurtures your spiritual growth every step of the way. With our app, you're never alone on your journey to enlightenment.


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