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Heal. Activate.

About Us

Dr. Brandie Dingman, Ashley K. Gardener, and Fatou Pruitt are Three Astounding Women that make up The Billionaires Triad, a group that Heals, Activates, Transforms, and Ascends Human Consciousness Around the World and Throughout Gaia.

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We are on A Mission to Heal and Activate 1 Billion Throughout Gaia.

By releasing Ancient Karmic Ties and Ancestral Suffering;  Restoring and Raising the Collective Vibration of Human Consciousness; we help Individuals as well as The Collective gain Clarity and Motivation to Fully Embrace their Journey to Wholeness.


The Billionaires Triad, as mentioned in Health Daily Magazine, "uses the power of three to heal people’s minds, bodies, and souls by activating ancient energies for clearing, purification, and blockage removal. All three embody vast and different gifts from one another, however, they balance each other out to make a beautiful and vibrant synchronicity. It’s hard to truly put into words the power that The Billionaires Triad constituents hold individually, let alone as a collective. Their power is something best felt, rather than explained."


Join us and the Collective on Our Mission to Unite Lightworkers and Healers Across the Globe. Sign up to our mailing list for more information. Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, YouTubeTikTok, LinkedIN and Twitter as we count up to transforming 1 Billion souls.

Heart-Shaped Rock Island

Heal + Activate Mother Earth

Join us on our next 

Healing Adventure

"The key to all problems is the problem

of consciousness."

Ancient Proverb

Our Healers


The Billionaires Oracle, DNA Activator
& New York’s First Geo Love Master Healer.


The Ancestral Activator &
Bermuda’s First Geo Love Master Healer.


Ascension Alchemist,  Alchemy Activator & The First Zambian / Senegalese Geo Love Master Healer.

I have been going to therapy and counseling for over a year and I have received more healing and clarity in one healing session with The Billionaire's Triad than I did in the entire time in therapy. Also I had an underactive thyroid which is healed now (the doctor said it is a medical miracle) they told me I will take medicine for the rest of my life and now they told me to stop. And guess which one of my chakras was blocked - my throat chakra.

S.K., UK

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