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The Billionaires Triad: Impacting and Healing One Billion People


The Billionaires Triad is a group of extraordinary women on a mission to impact and heal one billion people around the globe. Their unique gifts and abilities have garnered recognition and praise, earning them a spot among the top 10 industry leaders of 2022. Their work is in the realm of health and healing, and they have been featured in prestigious publications such as Health Daily Magazine and Economic Journal.

Comprised of Dr. Brandie Dingman, Ashley Gardener, and Fatou Pruitt, The Billionaires Triad serves clients both remotely and in person, making their healing accessible to individuals all over the world. They are pioneers in their field, housing the divine dream team destined to heal, activate, transform, and ascend humanity.

Healing Through Ancient Energies

The Billionaires Triad possesses a unique chemistry and a set of gifts that work harmoniously to amplify and deepen their healing impact. They are known as Geo Love Master Healers, a title that signifies their ability to connect with ancient energies and resolve conflicts within the land.

By visiting ancient sites around the world, The Billionaires Triad energetically releases and resolves the ancient conflicts embedded within the land. This process raises the vibration of everything connected to it, creating a ripple effect across time, space, and reality.

The Power of Three allows The Billionaires Triad to amplify and project their healings for a greater effect. Dr. Brandie Dingman, Ashley Gardener, and Fatou Pruitt each bring their unique expertise and perspective to the group, ensuring a comprehensive and holistic approach to healing.

Meet the Triad

Dr. Brandie Dingman, The Billionaires Oracle and Divine Channel

Dr. Brandie Dingman is a Ph.D. holder and New York's first Master Geo Love Energy Healer. In addition to her healing work, she is also an Adjunct Sociology Professor for Social Justice. Dr. Dingman's role within The Billionaires Triad is that of the DNA Activator, unlocking the hidden potential within individuals and guiding them towards their highest purpose.

Ashley K. Gardener, The Empress

Ashley K. Gardener, known as the Empress, is a spiritual intuitive, counselor, mentor, and doula. She is also a Bermuda's first Geo Love Master Energy Healer. Gardener's expertise lies in ancestral activation, helping individuals connect with their ancestral energies for guidance and growth.

Fatou Pruitt, The Goddess

Fatou Pruitt brings her unique heritage as the first Zambian/Senegalese Geo Love Master Energy Healer to The Billionaires Triad. Alongside her role as an Alchemy Activator and Ascension Alchemist, Pruitt specializes in dream porting alchemy, constellation, and time shifting. She helps individuals navigate their spiritual journeys and align with their true purpose.

Restoring Collective Vibration

The divine purpose of The Billionaires Triad is to release ancient karmic ties and ancestral sufferings that hinder personal growth. By doing so, they restore and raise the collective vibration, helping individuals gain clarity and motivation to take action towards their goals.

Countless individuals have benefitted from The Billionaires Triad's transformative work. Clients rave about feeling rejuvenated, mindful, and present after just one session. The Triad's energy cleansing techniques and the delivery of unconditional love and light leave a lasting impact on the chakras, providing greater insight and wisdom for a brighter future.

One client from the U.K. even shared that a single session with The Billionaires Triad brought them more clarity, wellbeing, and new energy than years of therapy. This testament highlights the power of energy healing and the ability to tap into higher realms of consciousness for profound transformation.

Energy healing is a fast-paced process that operates at the speed of light, surpassing the limitations of the mind and body. Sacred geometry and unconditional love are integral components of The Billionaires Triad's healing practice. With these tools, they create a space where all aspects of existence are interconnected and where profound healing can occur.

As The Billionaires Triad continues to share their gifts and expand their reach, they are aligned with the mission of Oliver Nino, The Spiritual Activator and Celebrity Healer. Oliver Nino is a renowned authority in energy work and a bestselling author. Together, they strive to heal themselves, heal others, and heal the world, with the ultimate goal of impacting and healing one billion people.

Remember, we are all connected, and The Billionaires Triad is a shining example of how healing and transformation can create a ripple effect that spans the globe.

Join our supportive community of like minds, where your fears dissolve and your connection to the boundless energy around you flourishes.

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With Unconditional Love,

The Billionaires Triad


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